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  • No : 17750
  • Open Date : 2014/03/26 07:27
  • 更新日時 : 2017/07/31 16:25
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How to set the port for HULFT

How do I set up the port number that is necessary for HULFT?
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First check the ports currently used by applications other than HULFT

In order to carry out transfer in HULFT, the following porting numbers in both receiving and transmitting side must match correspondingly.

  • Match the [detailed host information]-[receiving port number] of the transmitting side to the [system environment setting]-[receiving port number] of the receiving side. (※)
  • Match the [detailed host information]-[request acknowledge port number] of the receiving side to the [system environment setting]-[request acknowledge port number] of the transmitting side. (※)

There’s no need to match all the remaining ports.

There’s no need to set the transmitting side port numbers as the OS automatically assigns them by default.

※Strictly on the mainframe version of HULFT, the port number is not configured under [system environment setting] but instead configured in the following settings

  • MSP ・APPL Define statement of XSP : TISP or VITAM-G/TISP
  • OS390 : HULFT PORT administrative file
  • VOS3 : Start task JCL executing parameter (EXEC sentence)
  • ACOS :ACOS : Socket (NWCM/BASE) service definition information
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