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  • No : 18025
  • Open Date : 2014/03/28 02:15
  • 更新日時 : 2017/06/09 15:11
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Regarding the HULFT Product Support End Date

Please let us know about the HULFT product support end date. If the version of a product is released, when does the product support for the old version end?
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Regarding the HULFT product technical support period, 5 years of standard support is offered as a general rule. Also, in addition, another 5 years of technical support service is provided as a limited support (extended support). 
However, the Limited Support (extended support) requires additional fees. 
*We only sell the latest version of products as a general rule. After the latest version is released, the previous version product remains to be sold for at least 6 months. 
*The support end period starts from the end of the quarter.