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  • Open Date : 2018/09/10 17:44
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【DataSpider Servista】 Impact by era name change

After the Japanese era change, is there any effect as the DataSpider product?
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■About the affected area due to the Japanese era change

 The Japanese era is used in the following Mapper logic:
  ・Convert to Japanese Calendar
  ・Parse Japanese Calendar

 Therefore, if you are using [Convert to Japanese Calendar] and [Parse Japanese Calendar]  in the Mapper logic, it will be affected.

■How to Verify

 When you search for a project that is using the above, please use the "Search Project" feature in the "Tools" menu in My Projects.
 You can find a script that contains the Mapper that uses the relevant logic by specifying the following in the "Related Keywords" and search:
  ・[Parse Japanese Calendar] Logic: japanToIso8601
  ・[Convert to Japanese Calendar] Logic: iso8601ToJapan

 Please refer to the following help about the "Search project."

[My Projects] - [Search project]


■About the Japanese Era Change Support

About applying the new Japanese era to the above mapper logic, we are planning to provide patches after the new Japanese era is announced.
 In addition, we are planning to provide a module with the temporary era in February 2019 so that our customers can test the new Japanese era support in advance.

1.About the Availability Period

  New Japanese Era Support Patch:
    We are planning to provide the patch for two weeks period after the new Japanese era is announced.

  Pre-Test Module:
    We are planning to provide the pre-test module that includes the temporary era on February 2019.

2.Providing version

 The patch that supports the new Japanese era will provide you a version with full support and maintenance support.
 If the Japanese era is changed to the new era on the latest version of 4.1, the versions that will provide the patch will be 3.2, 4.0, and 4.1.
 For this reason, the following differences will occur by the version of customers who use the [Convert to Japanese Calendar] and the [Parse Japanese Calendar]  in the Mapper logic:
   ・If the version can apply a patch related to the Japanese era
     It only affects the two logics.
   ・If the  version cannot apply a patch related to the Japanese era
     The two logics and other features by version updates* will also be changed.

 * About how to check other features by version updates
    The new version contains the service pack fixes that was released in the one version before.
     Also, the service pack also contains the service pack fixes that were previously released.
     If a patch for the Japanese era is released as 4.1 SP4 and you are updating from 3.1 to 4.1 SP4, please make sure to check feature changes and fixes by each version's (3.2, 4.0, 4.1) release note and the 4.1 SP4 support pack's release note.

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